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The Woodward Films crew partnered up with cinematographer and visual effects artist Jim Geduldick to do a first time test for AbelCine and Vision Research on the Phantom Miro M series high speed camera. There are 2 main points about the content and this experience that i feel need to be noted.
First, the equipment we worked with had never been tested. This was the first time it had been played with. BMXers Chad Kagy, Alistair Whitton, Zach Warden, Steve McCann and skateboarder Ben Hatchell all came out to let us shoot with them. 

   Secondly, the director of the shoot, Jim Geduldick informed is upon arrival that he was a skate camper back in 1992, a skate instructor a few years later and a visiting amateur skateboarder around 1998.
   It is amazing to see a skate camper that went on to become a feature film cinematographer and in recent work was the assistant editor on the blockbuster snowboard epic "The Art of Flight" featuring Travis Rice.  He returns to camp after 20 years and brings cutting edge technology to Woodward for us to test and create content with.

What's the point?  The message to us is, stick with your passion and everyone on all sides will experience greatness and witness dreams come true.

For the Woodward Films and Digital Media staff there are few opportunities that surpass testing a Vision Research and AbelCine product. Especially the Phantom Miro M series.

Look out for our behind the scenes video coming soon.

Photos by: Dave Metty


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